The One Moto Show

Nestled inside a not-so-cozy abandoned industrial building, Portland's The One Moto Show has put the Pacific Northwest on the map for having what is quite possibly the coolest motorcycle show in the United States.

Busted out windows, rooms connected by doorways carved by sledgehammers, and concrete floors layered with dust provide an ambiance like no other, but lining the brick walls of the old and decaying building are hundreds of custom, classic, concept, and rare motorcycles that made the mid-winter journey to stand trial before the show’s judges. And while the bikes are the main attraction at The One Moto Show, the fun goes far beyond glistening chrome and sparkling paint. Vendors selling everything from helmets to hot dogs, one-of-a-kind motorcycle-themed art, mini-bike races, cold brews, and some of Portland’s finest coffee keep your eyes and taste buds more than occupied, and off location the weekend will keep you on your toes with after parties, stunt shows, and intense flat track racing at a local indoor speedway.

Nine years ago See See Motor Coffee Co. set out to celebrate the “weird, rare, and unconventional bikes” that they love in a way for everyone to enjoy, and in doing so they have created something that should be on every motorcycle enthusiast’s bucket list. The One Moto Show is hopefully here to stay for years to come, and we can’t wait to return next year to see what they have in store for its 10-year anniversary. Hopefully we’ll see you there, too!

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