SCHUBERTH Custom Helmet Mount Now Available

SCHUBERTH Custom Helmet Mount Now Available

SCHUBERTH fans, the wait is over! We are excited to finally announce the availability of the new, wireless NUVIZ helmet mount custom-developed for select SCHUBERTH Helmets. Consumers can now purchase the custom mount designed specifically for the SCHUBERTH modular C4 and full-face R2 helmets, as well as the C3 and C3 PRO helmet models.

The new mount, shaped for the contours of the selected SCHUBERTH models, allows for the NUVIZ HUD to attach with a perfect fit, and NUVIZ is fully compatible with SCHUBERTH’s SC1 communications system—an integrated plug-and-play communications system from SENA, which is pre-installed in the SCHUBERTH C4 and R2 helmets. This means maximum freedom when out on the road, since it enables all communications, such as phone calls or navigational information, to be presented directly on the display and eliminates the need for additional cables, microphones, or speakers.

“SCHUBERTH is a very well-respected German brand among helmet manufacturers, and their SC1 communication system is widely praised for its reliability and simplicity of operation,” said Marcel Rogalla, CEO of NUVIZ. “Their reputation for technological innovation made them an excellent partner for this joint custom-development initiative, and we look forward to a long and productive relationship with their team.”

“NUVIZ and SCHUBERTH share a common mission, which is to deliver a premium riding experience through the thoughtful integration of services like music, GPS navigation, phone calls, and rider-to-rider communication, and to do this in a way that improves situational awareness and rider safety,” said Jan-Christian Becker, CEO of SCHUBERTH. “Today’s announcement is a big step forward in achieving that mission for both our organizations.”

The NUVIZ HUD and custom mount are now available for purchase on select SCHUBERTH international websites.

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