NuV1.5 Software Upgrade Now Available

At NUVIZ, our main goal is obviously innovation—we want to push the boundaries of technology (or make new ones!) to deliver exciting new products that provide a better riding experience for our customers. That, however, does not mean we won't continuously strive to improve the products that our customers have already purchased. No matter how good a product is, it can always be better, which is why we're excited to release NuV1.5 for download through the NUVIZ app. NuV1.5 will dramatically enhance functionality for riders, primarily with respect to audio quality, device integration, route planning, and overall user experience, so you don't want to pass this up! Simply power up your device, open your NUVIZ app on your phone, go into Settings, NUVIZ, Software Update, and then follow the instructions—but make sure your device is connected to the app and that your device has a strong WLAN connection! 

Key Features of the NUV1.5 software release include:

Siri/Google Now Support

  • Initiate Siri/Google Now voice assistant using the NUVIZ Controller voice key (long press), allowing for a truly hands-off experience.

Offline Route Planning

  • Riders can now download offline maps to their phones, allowing for accurate route planning when no data connection is available using this new feature. Additionally, routes planned via the NUVIZ app are now stored in the user’s account, enabling access and usage from several devices. For example, a user can plan a route via their iPad at home and it will sync with their iPhone for use on their ride.

Passenger Intercom 

  • Allows for automatic voice communication between a NUVIZ rider using wired headset and a passenger using any Bluetooth-enabled headset when both wired and BT headsets are connected. Using the NUVIZ Controller voice key, the rider can enable/disable the intercom.

Virtual Controller

  • Offers the ability to simulate and control the NUVIZ system directly through the app. This convenient new capability essentially doubles as another NUVIZ controller.
Improved Display Brightness Control
  • Offers manual control of the NUVIZ system’s display brightness, allowing riders to override NUVIZ’s built-in ambient light sensor, which actively meters light conditions and automatically adjusts for optimum display visibility.

“Riding down the road on a motorcycle at highway speeds with a passenger behind you and helmets on is obviously not the ideal environment for safely talking to your passenger, hearing, listening to music, talking on the phone or searching for content or directions,” said Marcel Rogalla, founder and CEO of NUVIZ. “This new release was primarily geared towards significantly improving and simplifying all those activities while enhancing rider safety, and our test riders have verified the results. We are committed to continually deliver new and innovative hardware and software improvements to our expanding rider community, and we remind them that these new features are included in the price of the device and are available via a simple app upgrade.”  As always, feature and software improvements are included in the price of the device and will give owners increasing functionality, features, and smaller improvements.

Additionally, the NuV1.5 release provides significant improvements to audio quality, sound clarity and max volume output, allowing users to adjust sub-volume levels for various use cases including music, phone calls, navigation, and more.

Enjoy the journey! Enhance your ride with NUVIZ and the NuV1.5 software upgrade.