For those wanting to see what all of the HUD-hype is about in person, NUVIZ is now available and on display at select b8ta stores across the United States, a new retail concept designed to give consumers the ability to touch, feel, and play with innovative tech products.

b8ta, founded by software engineer Vibhu Norby alongside William Mintun and Phillip Raub, developed their one-of-a-kind business model aiming to provide better options to companies launching new products while wanting to maintain control over their brands. “The transactional nature of a company selling a product to a retailer and a retailer marking it up—without the manufacturer having any visibility or control of the marketing of their products at retail—doesn’t make sense in today’s world,” says Raub, b8ta’s CMO 

b8ta’s brick-and-mortar locations provide the perfect opportunity for consumers to get their hands on new tech gadgets and actually try them out before buying. And the kicker? b8ta doesn’t make money on the products it sells! The brands they feature keep 100 percent of the money on every sale, and b8ta simply charges for in-store space and services.

Products are shipped to b8ta and manufacturer representatives train the b8ta team—a highly knowledgeable staff that can describe the attributes of the products. “For brands, it’s a learning curve and an opportunity to understand if their products are priced properly and if the content on their displays is resonating with customers,” Raub explains. “We feel invested in making them successful by coming in and learning what’s working and what is not,” Raub explains.

As of today, NUVIZ is available in b8ta’s Santa Monica and Austin locations, and the San Francisco and Houston stores will be included in the coming weeks.

For more information on b8ta, visit www.b8ta.com.