NuV1.6 Software Update Now Available

We’ve been excited about this one for a while now, and it’s finally here: The NuV1.6 software update we announced in January is now available for download for all NUVIZ users on the NUVIZ smartphone app. This update will provide dramatically enhanced functionality for riders, primarily related to improved route planning and navigation functionality, as well as make the user experience more customizable. The update also includes live traffic updates, an improved map view, and better call volume, but it doesn’t stop there. Scroll down to get the full rundown of what’s new.

Key Features Of The NuV1.6 Software Update Include: 

Improved Route Planning UI

  • Ability to use map as basis for route planning
  • Several UI improvements related to managing waypoints (e.g. improved pick from map), adjusting route options, summary info view about the planned ride, etc.

Ability To Import Routes From Other Route Planning Apps (GPX Support)

  • Plan longer and/or motorcycling-optimized rides using other mapping solutions such as Kurviger, Motocaching, Tyre, et cetera, and import them directly into NUVIZ app

Ride Waypoint Info Screen

  • Enables rider to see ETA information for upcoming waypoints, with the ability to skip waypoints

Improved Map View

  • Street name & icon size optimized for HUD usage
  • Only relevant icons (waypoint icons, road signs, gas stations) shown in the map

Live Traffic Information

  • View traffic status on the map along with icons for roadwork and other problem areas
  • Navigation route algorithm takes traffic jams into account
  • Rides view shows estimated delay due to traffic

Long Press Shortcuts & Global Mute

  • Ability to customize long press of left function keys
  • Short press of voice key silences all sounds
  • Solves the daily commuter music control issue, but this customizability overall helps different riders to optimize their UX

Simplified Camera UX

  • A number of UI enhancements dramatically simplifies camera functions

Automatic Volume Control (AVC) & Improved Call Volume Level

  • Controls NUVIZ HUD master volume as function of speed
  • Removes the need for end user to manually adjust volume up/down when driving faster/slower
  • In addition to above, this release further improves the audio volume level with cellular calls, passenger intercom, and voice assistant