The Perfect Fit: Customize Your Helmet Mount

Not all chin bars are created equal. While there are numerous high-quality helmet manufacturers on the market that all have complete ranges of full-face options designed primarily to meet today’s high standards of comfort and protection, style is also a crucial factor when riders choose the helmet that’s right for them. Helmet brands want to stand out from the rest with their design, and for that reason the contours of helmet chin bars vary drastically. So what does that mean? Some helmets are unfortunately more difficult than others to mount a NUVIZ! For a secure fit, we recommend to our customers that at least 2/3 of the helmet mount is adhered firmly to the surface of their chin bar, but if that’s not possible due to the shape, we have another trick up our sleeve—a magical substance called Sugru.

What the hell is Sugru, you ask? Sugru Mouldable Glue is a soft and malleable material similar to play-dough, but after you roll it in your fingers, press it where you need it, and mold it by hand into any shape, it hardens into a waterproof and long-lasting product similar to other silicone rubbers. You can use it to fix just about anything, but we use it almost as an extension to our mounting plate that allows us to fix our NUVIZ firmly to any chin bar on the market.

Once you open the package, Sugru reacts at room temperature simply by the exposure to air, and you have about 30 minutes to shape it, smooth it, and reposition it as required. Let sit for 24 hours and voilà: tricky chin-bar problem solved!

We typically use an entire Black 3-Pack for one helmet mount, which costs roughly $12 US. Eventually we would love to have custom mounting plates for every helmet on the market, which we’ve actually started working on with Schuberth, but until then, this is the best option out there. If you have any questions about using the product, feel free to contact us at The link for the Black 3-Pack is below. Happy riding!