From the outside looking in, working one motorcycle show after another seems monotonous—another convention center, another hotel bed, and another long day of tired feet and worn out vocal chords. What most don’t realize, however, is how small our motorcycle industry actually is, and no matter what city or country we’re in or what event we’re working at, we always see some of the same friendly faces.

The SHIFT boutique area at this year’s Progressive International Motorcycle Shows is the latest creation from the folks at IMS, and aside from a rad little lounge area in the middle of the show floor that features multiple boutique-style brands for visitors to check out, SHIFT actually helps bring the brands it hosts even closer together. The shared space allows us to mingle more, check out each other’s products without wandering too far from our space, and even laugh at whoever stumbles in a little late to the show with a hangover from the previous night’s post-show festivities.

We’ve had a blast so far at IMS this year in Long Beach and New York, and we’re looking forward to the upcoming shows in Dallas and Chicago that we’ll attend in February. We hope to see you there!

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